How safe IUI for Infertility Treatment?

How safe IUI for Infertility Treatment?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is actually a laboratory procedure, where fast moving sperm is separated and washed. Then this virus‐free sperm is artificially inseminated into the womb. In this process we can use partner’s sperm or donor sperm. Normally IUI is suggested to those couples who have unexpected fertility or have mild-factor infertility.

You can go for Intra urinary insemination (IUI) if:

  • If you are finding it difficult to have vaginal intercourse due to some psycho sexual problem, or due to some physical disability.
  • If in your treatment, you are using donor sperm.
  • If male is HIV positive and gone through sperm washing.

Steps of IUI treatment

IUI starts with patency health tests, to examine whether the fallopian tubes are open and healthy. This is done by laparoscopic treatment.

Conditions to perform IUI

If you are not taking fertility drugs, your IUI would be performed most likely between day 12 and 16 of your monthly cycle. Then, blood test and urine test will identify that when actually you are going to ovulate.

If you are using fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation process, then vaginal ultra sound is used to tract the development of eggs. When the eggs become mature, a hormone injection is given to stimulate its release. After 36 to 40 hours, the sperm will be inserted through the catheter to the womb via cervix.

This whole process takes few minutes and is painless normally.

Male responsibility during IUI

Male is asked to generate sperm sample on the day of treatment. Sperms get washed properly and fast moving sperms will be separated from the slower one. If you are using donor sperm, it also goes through same process before it is finally inseminated into the womb.

How safe is IUI?

Risk factor in IUI treatment is very low, as it is a simple procedure. Risk of donor egg contracting infection is also very rare in IUI.

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